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Allion shippings’ ability to transport heavy equipment to inaccessible areas of the world (as well as major transport hubs) makes us the ideal choice for oil and gas shipping.

After moving thousands of pieces of oil and gas equipment our experience in heavy transportationis second to none. Allion shipping projects teams work using local and global infrastructure and execute project movements by intelligently coordinating resources and orchestrating timing of movements throughout shipments.

Allion shippings tank farms and terminals is designed for reception, storage and delivery of light and dark oil products. Receipt of petroleum products is carried out by rail, petroleum chemical tankers and other vessels, these oil products are also transported through road and rail tank cars. There are private railway access roads, adjacent to the railway. 

At our petroleum storage facility (Petroleum Tank Farm), we store products such as Aviation Kerosene JP54 Jet Fuel, motor gasolines of ecological class K5 of AI-92-K5 grades (Regular-92), AI-95-K5 (Premium Euro 95) and diesel fuel d2 gas oil, fuel oil Mazut M00, Diesel D6 virgin fuel, oils for various purposes and special liquids. All oil products stored at the oil storage depot (Petroleum Tank Farm Facilities) must undergo conformity assessment procedures (have certificates of conformity), including compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR 013/2011.

The operating mode of Allion shippings farms and terminals is round the clock, which ensures the possibility of uninterrupted reception and delivery of oil products to consumers.

Technical capabilities of the tank farm: 
The total capacity of the tank farms is 3 000 000 m 3 , including for storage: 

- Diesel fuel - 400 000 m 3 ;
- Motor gasoline - 700,000 m 3 ;
- Oils - 600 000 m 3 ;
- Mazut fuel oil - 500 000 m 3 ;
- Oily waste - 400 000 m 3 ;
- Special fluids - 400 000 m 3 .

Capacity to drain-pour oil products from the railway. Cisterns: - for light oil products: simultaneous reception (or vacation) 12 ж. (6 railroad cars of gasoline tanks and 6 railroad cars of diesel fuel tanks), which is 400 000 tons / day (190000 tons / day of gasoline and 210000 tons of diesel fuel) or 11,400,000 tons / year;
- for dark oil products - fuel oil:simultaneous intake of 15 g. Cisterns, which in winter is ~ 90 000 t / day, in the summer period ~ 130050 t / day, the annual capacity is about 3 900 000 t / year;
- for dark oil products - oils: simultaneous intake of 1 g. Etc. of the tank, which is 360 tons / day and about 125,000 tons / year.

Leave of oil products at the tank farm is carried out in tank trucks, while:

- Light oil products are dispensed through an automated filling station (ASN). ASN is designed for simultaneous loading of 6 tank cars with different types of fuel. The average daily productivity for filling tankers is up to 2000 tons / day or about 580,000 tons / year;
- the release of dark oil products (mazut) iscarried out through 3 loading stations. The output of fuel oil is about 1200 tons / day or 430,000 tons / year;

- The release of dark oil products (oil) iscarried out through an automated filling station ASN-M, which allows simultaneous loading of up to 10 tank trucks with different types of oil with a capacity of about 800 tons / day or up to 190,000 tons / year. ASN-M allows filling oil in containers (barrels).
In addition, the oil depot has a section for packaging and storing oil in small containers, as well as a section for the production and packing of antifreeze into small and medium packagings.
Thus, the production capacities of the tank farm today can provide an annual turnover of about 3,000,000 tons per year.

Quality control of oil products at the oil depot is provided by the Oil Products Testing Laboratory (accreditation certificate No. РОСС RU.0001.22НП11 ), accredited for technical competence by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart), including the right to test products for compliance with the technical regulations "On requirements To automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel and marine fuel, jet fuel and fuel oil "(approved by the Ruler decree Russian Federation ARISING on February 27, 2008 № 118).

The accredited Testing Laboratory for Petroleum Products successfully passed the certification procedure for the quality management system of the laboratory in the voluntary certification system PROTTESTEKSPERT. The certificate of conformity No. SDS.PTE.SMK-001229-15 which certifies that the quality management system of the Petroleum Products Testing Laboratory of Vityino tank farms and terminals in the field of testing of petroleum products by test methods and fixed product range meets the requirements of the interstate standard GOST ISO 9001-2011 ( ISO 9001: 2008).

 Our tank farms are situated above the ground and while some are beneath the ground with support for successful discharges of products into heavy duty oil tankers and pipelines. We have large industrial amenities for the storage of oil and petroleum products before these products are formally transported to the end users or further to storage facilities.


The structure of our facility consists of reservoirs storage with an estimated capacity of up to 450 000 m3. We carry out the programming , reception- release of petroleum products. Each tank is equipped with facilities in accordance with industrial safety requirements and has a commercial accounting system, allows us to remotely monitor the status of oil in the tanks (volume of product, loading height, density, free volume, overflow sensor). Entrusting the storage of petroleum products to our company, you receive: a wide selection of individual fuel storage tanks; no mixing of different types of petroleum products by supplying individual fuel via dedicated pipelines to the loading terminal for petroleum products.


Storage Of Petroleum Products


Taking the petroleum products in the storage, we will preserve the product quality.

Entrusting the storage of petroleum products of our company, you receive: a wide selection of individual fuel storage tanks; the absence of mixing of different types of petroleum products by supplying individual fuel pipelines; maintaining the quality of your products; prompt delivery of petroleum products.  


Renting Out Terminal Reservoirs


The structure of our fleet consists of reservoirs with a total of up to 450 000 m3. We carry out the programming, reception-release of products via oil terminals at shore tanks.

Each tank is equipped with facilities according c industrial safety requirements and has a commercial accounting system that allows remote monitor the status of oil in the tanks (volume of product, of loading height, density, free volume, overflow sensor).


Sale Of Petroleum Products 


High-quality oil products at affordable prices - our proposal to you.

By purchasing high quality oil products, you increase the operating life of equipment.

When buying oil producer issued a passport, indicating the quality of products and compliance with regulatory guidelines.


Laboratory Analysis Of Petroleum Products


Quality control of petroleum products is impossible without accurate and timely analysis.

Our laboratory allows you to quickly analyze incoming storage and dispensed to consumers of petroleum products, as well as to carry out continuous quality control. The result of the analysis is to evaluate the quality, which is derived from a comparison of baseline values with the indicators of the requested products.


Transportation Of Petroleum Products Railway Transport


Professionally organize transportation railway transport for any oil products.

We transport materials railway transport in accordance with the norms and standards of Russian and international law, which ensures complete safety of transportation of petroleum products. We do our best to make our service was comfortable for our clients and mutually beneficial to all parties.


Tran-shipment And Bulk 


Professionally organize the transshipment and vessel booking.

Participation in the implementation of the scheme with the installation of oil transshipment in the Kola Bay ULCC "Berge Pioneer", converted into plavneftehranilische "Belokamenka" and transferred to a 9-year bareboat charter of the Russian-Norwegian joint company. Brokerage and advisory services to the operator Prirazlomnoye oil field, "Gazprom Neft Shelf", related to the acquisition of Hutton topsides TLO, placing an order for the chartering of various types of vessels for oil MISP "Prirazlomnaja" in the Russian part of the Arctic.