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Allion shippings’ ability to transport heavy equipment to inaccessible areas of the world (as well as major transport hubs) makes us the ideal choice for oil and gas shipping.

After moving thousands of pieces of oil and gas equipment our experience in heavy transportationis second to none. Allion shipping projects teams work using local and global infrastructure and execute project movements by intelligently coordinating resources and orchestrating timing of movements throughout shipments.

Allion shipping Container Solutions


Allion shipping ISO Tank Container fleet


Allion shipping owns and operates a large fleet of 40ft cryogenic ISO tank containers that are offered for rental and leasing services.


This fleet consists of modern containers that are manufactured by three different suppliers. Our containers are designed to have a long holding time, high volume and a low tare weight. These parameters are key to enable a safe and cost competitive transportation of gases and liquids. Our containers enable higher net loadings, lowering the unit transportation costs.


The containers can be used for the transport and storage of gases and liquefied gases, such as LNG (UN1972), Ethylene (UN1038), Ethane (UN1961) and Liquid Nitrogen (UN1977).


ISO Tank Container leasing


The containers are available for short term rentals as well as for long term leases. This can be done for an individual container as well as for a larger batch of containers. Due to the large size of our fleet, we have the unique capability to offer a large number of Allion shipping 40ft ISO tank containers on a relatively short notice.


Next to leasing we also offer support services like arranging intermodal transport, technical support and remote monitoring. With respect to the latter, containers are typically fitted with GPS and remote pressure and level reading.


Handling of gases and liquefied gases requires specialized in-depth knowledge and experience. We have significant operational experience with handling gases and liquefied gases and can support our customers with operations if required.


To ensure global and flexible deployment the containers have all the key certificates, including ADR, IMDG, US DOT and METI. Our containers have been deployed by our leasing customers all over the world e.g. in China, Korea, Japan, USA and Europe.


Intermodal LNG transport


The Allion shipping 40ft ISO tank containers can be used for the transportation of LNG over longer distances.  This enables a cost competitive fuel supply to end-users that are further removed from LNG supply sources.


In addition to the Allion shipping ISO tank container rental we can also offer the LNG supply.


We have significant operational experience with reliable containerized LNG transport to locations like Scandinavia, the Balearic’s, the Caribbean and South America.


Intermodal Ethane transport


The Allion shipping 40ft ISO tank containers can be used for the transportation of ethane over longer distances.


Our containers are used to supply ethane for engine tests and to supply ethane as refrigerant for gas processes.


In addition to the Allion shipping ISO tank container rental we can also offer our customers the ethane  supply.

ISO Containers


Our Intermodal Containers offer a rugged, durable construction with a highly efficient insulation system for maximum hold times.


Allion shipping's ISO intermodal containers are used to transport cryogenic bulk liquids – nitrogen, oxygen, argon, methane, nitrous oxide, ethylene and carbon dioxide – worldwide by ship, rail or road. Our ISO Containers are available in a wide range of working pressures and are built to most global pressure vessel codes.


The 20' intermodal containers can be built to EN or ASME/DOT designs. Available maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) options include 10, 18, and 24 bar for European design and 100, 150, 180, 230 psi for ASME/DOT designs.


The 40' intermodal containers are designed and optimized for liquid natural gas and suitable for high payloads of Ethylene or Ethane. These 40' ISO containers can be built to EN or ASME/DOT designs with a MAWP of 10 bar for European design and 100 psi for the ASME/DOT design.


Allion shipping also offers a vacuum-insulated container designed to meet the needs of CO2 producers for transporting liquid CO2 by ship, rail or road. The superior thermal performance of the vacuum and the multi-layer super insulation system allows hold times greater than 45 days at pressure from 250 to 350 psig (17.2 - 24.1 bar) without the use of a refrigeration system.